Monday, November 30, 2009

2 months old already!

I can't believe little "booger", as I call him, is already 2 months old. His personality is beginning to come out a little. He's super sweet, of course. So far, he's real layed back and just sits in my lap or in his bouncer and coos. He started smiling a week ago and just lights up our whole family. It's weird, but I feel like our family is finally complete. I guess you just know...I literally thank the Lord everyday for finally giving us a third child. It funny how, this time around, I don't mind getting up to feed him or having to miss out on things to stay home with him. I think I took the other boys for granted when they were little and now I realize what a miracle it is to have a new life given to me. Praise God!!
Upsdate: After going to the doctor's his 2 month stats: weight, 13 lbs 6 oz (90th percentile), 23 3/4 inches (50th percentile)!! No surprise...I'm used to big ole' boys!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall fun

The boys favorite spot at Sunny& Papa's
Coaxed Brian into carving a Jack o lantern

Finally old enough to like our swing

My sweet "Booger"
We had a great weekend. Spent most of Saturday at my parents watching the game(longhorns of course) and letting the boys play outside. They love the sandbox, even when it's full of leaves.
The boys begged Brian to carve a pumpkin. Of course, once Brian gave in and started carving, the boys were already in the other room watching TV...figures!! You can tell Brian's excitement by the picture above...LOL!
Lincoln is doing wonderful! Things get easier everyday. He's starting to be more content when he's awake and loves his bouncer and swing. He looks around and just coos and coos...the most precious sound ever. The newness of having a baby in the house has not worn off with the boys. They still beg to hold him and kiss him non-stop. The poor child never gets a moments peace. I guess I should be thankful that they love him and are not jealous. Now that things have settled down with the baby, I've tried to purposefully spend quality time with the boys. We are making a point of turning the TV off and playing games and toys as a family while Lincoln is asleep. It's so hard dividing my attention b/w three kids and a husband but I'm working at it. Brian is a HUGE help and I couldn't do any of it w/o him. Now...I've just got to figure out how in the world I'm going to do Christmas shopping this year!! Guess it's online looking this year!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Super Bowl & a Birthday Party

Hudson, during his turn on the bench Drew & Pawpaw...crazy windy

The Panthers

best part of the party...pinata

Tug of war

Hud had his last flag football game of the year...they called it the Super Bowl. He has gotten so much better thru the season. He told me he was not going to play "one more sport" so we'll see if we can get him to play basketball in a couple of months. We just want him to try everything and then decide what he likes. Right now, he'd rather just run around and be silly...which is fine.
Hudson and Drew went to a bday party Sunday. It was so cute.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nap Nanny

I was on the phone with my friend down the street, Reesie, and was telling her about Lincoln's reflux and that he wasn't taking naps longer than 30-45 mins and she told me about the Nap Nanny. Her baby is 9mos old and has outgrown it, so she brought it over. He slept an hour and a half the first time I laid him in it! Amen!! It is just an oversized wedge covered in Minky fabric. This thing is awesome. I've also been working on not having to put him to sleep before I lay him down. I just swaddle him, give him his pacifier and rock him for a couple of minutes. I lay him down while he's kinda drowsy and he's out in no time. If he wakes himself up again, I just reswaddle him and put his passy back in. If he screams bloody-murder, I'll pick him up and rock a few more minutes until he calms down and lay him back down. It's been wonderful! I'm not having to pace the floor with a screaming baby trying to put him to sleep before I lay him down. With the other boys, I waited until they were 5-6 months old before we sleep trained...I was such a pushover. With three...I have to be a little more intentional. He's sleeping 4-5 hrs at a time at that's been great. The big boys are good and still LOVE their baby brother. We're having pictures made of all the boys this weekend so I'll post them when we get them. Happy November!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

My cowboy and sort of pirate
This is the way we slide

Don't know who this is but pretty funny

Dont' know why this uploaded sideways...ugh

1 month old super long and skinny

We had a family Halloween last night...minus baby Lincoln, who stayed with Sunny & Papa. It felt good to actually do something with the big boys. I feel like they've been motherless for a month.

We started out at Herschel's and had orange ice cream with our dinner. Then we went to our church for some games and fun. Drew tried every single game and Hud played one or two. So funny, Hudson's always been that way about carnival type games. They jumped in bounce houses and went down a blow up slide a hundred times. We trick or treated in the Country Club neighborhood and called it a night at 8PM!! We went and got little brother, who had a blast at his first solo visit to the grandparents. A great night with lots of fun and good candy!! Yes, I sneak candy from the boys; they don't need ALL that sugar right?!