Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's finally happening...a new house!


Front view

So excited!

back of the house...big cover porch

front entrance...will be 8 ft double doors

front view

roof coming along

framing has started! YAY!

the slab! Finally!

pad ready to go!

view from the back porch

loving the dirt pile the dozers left

the cows didn't care we were there

EVERY boy loves a dirt pile

After MONTHS of waiting, we have finally gotten started on our new house! We poured concrete on October 1st and it has come along very quickly since then.

Here are the basics of what the house will look like - Style - Hill Country Ranch house:

* 4 bedroom, 4 bath, formal dining room, gameroom, 3 car garage and indoor/outdoor fireplace (Brian's fav part)

* It will be all stone with cedar wood trim on front porch and probably a metal roof

* Stained concrete floors, stained cabinets and granite counters.

This is a FOREVER home so we are being very careful to pick out just the right item for each room! Thanks for following us on this adventure; it should be fun!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My BABY turned TWO!

Look who's TWO YEARS OLD!
What a big boy he is

He loved it!

Loved opening gifts

His friend from school, Carson

Cuz Hailey and Mawmaw

Aunt DoeDoe

Big Bro Hudson

My baby turned two on September 29th! Because of our busy schedules, we just decided to have his party at the park again and have it on his actually birthday; which was a Thursday. It worked out great! All our friends and family were there and kids of all ages had fun too!

Of course, I didn't get a picture of the him with the cake but hey...3rd child, ok?? I'm sooooo over having "perfect" birthday parties where it's mainly for the parents. Lincoln and his brothers had a blast and that's all that matters to me. I let Lincoln pick the theme and "Lightnin Queen" was his choice!

He is obsessed with riding 4wheelers at my in-laws so we knew getting him his own 4wheeler was the perfect gift! We were right...he fliped out when he saw it and jumped right on! He steers that thing like a pro!

As far as his stats: he's 34 lbs and still wearing 2T (smaller than the other boys at this age)

not sure about height. Just got rid of a middle of the night bottle (don't judge), still takes a paci at night time and is the pickiest eater I've had. BUT...he's the sweet thing in WHOLE world and everyone that keeps him (school, church, etc) says he is such a joy and love being with him! It took us two years to get pregnant with Lincoln and he was sooooooo worth the wait! He finally completes our family and we are so happy with three little boys!! It is an adventure of a lifetime!

On other news, we are finally building our house! The slab was poured on Oct 1st and they already have the roof on! I'll post about that soon!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

July in a snapshot

The new "Farm House" as we call it
view from our carport

Back porch watching the cows

Hudson and Lincoln

Lil cheeser


Learning how to drive the razor

Pawpaw and Linc

I wanna swim, mommy!

perfecting the "pencil" jump


Drew's handstand

Drew's cannonball

Hudson's handstand

Hud's cannonball

Boys watching TV with Papa

Lincoln loves the waverunner

So does Hud

My mom & My sis-in-law Sharon

Mer's favorite lil boy

July flew by, like a flash!

From 4th of July, to Hudson going to his first overnight church camp, to Brian's Birthday, to my out of state work trip! Whew!

We are getting adjusted to living in what we call the "Farm House." The boys have really missed living on our old street with all the kids that live there. They have had way too much time together and need to go back to school desperately! The fighting is driving everyone crazy. But, I guess if I were a good mom, I'd look at it as a "teaching opportunity!" Lessons on being courteous, sharing and not trying to annoy our brother. HAHA! In honor of moving to the "farm", we bought a Ranger and a Junior Razor for us to drive around on. Because my grandparents live just around the corner, we can drive the back way, though the hills and pastures and go visit. They absolutely love us coming and so do we. We are still waiting to close on our loan so hopefully the house building will be happening soon!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catching up on June!

The graduate, Taylor (Hud not wanting a pic)
Entertaining Linc during ceremony

Drew and Linc at dinner

Lincoln at 20 months

Sisters...Hailey, Taylor and Bretley

Family (minus my mom) in San Antonio

Mom aka Sunny at the Alamo

Lincoln loved the riverwalk

Boys at the Alamo


Brian at the resort

swim up bar!

lots of swimming pools

on the way to snorkel

private island close to our resort


on the private island

great Japanese restaurant at the resort

before dinner

at the resort

last night in paradise

Drew's All Star team

Drew, heading to 3rd

cutest ball player ever

after the tournament...slightly tired!

We had a very busy June, as you can see! Started out with my niece, Taylor's gradution from High School and then a quick trip to San Antonio with my Mom. The boys loved the riverwalk. The only thing that fell in the water was Lincoln's pacifer (which we need to ditch anyway)! We enjoyed Sea World and the Alamo too!

Our next trip was to Nassau, Bahamas for our 10 YR Anniversary!! We went to an All-Inclusive Adults only resort and loved it! We had never done all-inclusive before and it was perfect for this kind of trip. We just layed by the pool and ocean and enjoyed being together. We went on a snorkel excursion and to the local "straw market" as they call it. We got the boys some fun souviners and ate at Senor Frogs for the first time. That's an experience in and of itself! Whew! The weather there was hot but nothing like Texas! They had little rain showers every day so that was nice. For our anniversary, we are each getting new wedding rings! Yipee! I am using my current diamond and just getting a new white gold setting instead of yellow gold. I'll post a pic when it comes in. Of course, my fabulous Diamond Broker brother, Lake, is taking care of it for me!!

Our last big event was Drew's All-Star experience. This was his first year to play T-Ball so we were so proud of him for making All-Stars. He did a great job and it was fun for the parents too! We are now on to Flag Football but I'll post about that when I get caught up to August! HAHA!