Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lincoln's 1st Playdate

Carrie and Noah

Lincoln & Noah

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. You'd think being home all day, I'd have more spare time. Our new family of 5 is beginning to feel normal. Lincoln is doing great. He already weighs 9lbs 3 oz. Yes...we grow 'em big in this house! He's been nursing exclusively but is beginning to act like he needs a little more. I'll supplement with a little formula here and there as needed. He's getting up 2-3 times a night, eating and going right back to sleep. The boys are still loving on him and wanting to hold him 24/7. He's super sweet and I could stare at those big eyes all day.

Lincoln had his first playdate today with my friend from high school who happens to live in the neighborhood. Her baby, Noah, was born 4 days before Lincoln. They were so cute together. Of course, Lincoln cried half the time and Noah slept the whole time. Typical Dyke baby!!

As a side note, I went to the Dr last week and have lost 25 lbs since having the baby. Sounds good but I still have 20 to go! Oh well, it's a good start! Happy Fall Everyone!


Colby, Pennie, and Cade Langford said...

looks like TONS of playing went on!

Erin said...

Great pics...beautiful babies and mommies!

Catherine Chaumont said...

So cute! They are both precious.

Aaron, Lacey, and Audrey said...

awe, those are 2 very adorable little boys. so sweet!