Monday, January 25, 2010

Flat Lincoln

My Sick Baby
A little small for it

So these last few weeks have been a little difficult. I guess it didn't really dawn on me until now that the more children you have, the more trips to the doctor you'll make. So...that's where I've been for last 3 weeks!
First, Hudson had Strep Throat. Then, Lincoln had 1 ear infection. Then Drew got Strep Throat. Then, I realized that Lincoln was not better, went back to Dr and now he has 2 ear infections. Over a week later, Lincoln still has horrible congestion and has developed a terrible cough. So...we went back to Dr today and he has upper respiratory infection. Poor thing had to get bloodwork done and an Xray. If your little one has never had an Xray, consider yourself lucky. It's awful to watch. They put him on this stool, raise his hands in the air and lock him in this clear plastic cylinder. Oh and they are naked too. They are so uncomfortable and scared. I cry every time. Luckily, he didn't have RSV.
So, here is where the "Flat Lincoln" title comes in...When Lincoln went to the Dr the first time, the Dr asked if I put Lincoln on his belly any and I said "no, not yet." He informed me that Lincoln's head is looking too flat on the backside and that if it's not better in a month, he'll put a HELMET on him! Do what???? My stomach dropped! So, needless to say...Mr. Lincoln has not been spending much time on his back!! The reason I said "Flat Lincoln" is b/c one of my friends said we should call him that just like "Flat Stanley!"


Colby, Pennie, and Cade Langford said...

my friends just went through the helmet thing. it wasn't nearly as bad as you would imagine and it wasn't very long either. i know it sounds horrible, but they had his name put on it and everything, it was super cute. it will be ok. love ya

Aaron, Lacey, and Audrey said...

My friend's son had to wear a helmet when he was around 5 months old, he only had to wear it for a month. His dad is really into golf so they had a design put on the helmet to make it took like a golf ball. It was cute! ;) I hope Lincoln's cold gets better soon. Poor baby!

Rachel said...

Haley almost had to wear a helmet but didn't. Haley was a back sleeper and looked towards the ceiling. The dr. recommended I put some towels under her mattress to rais one of the long sides up ~30 degrees to force her to turn her head while sleeping. I then just rotated which way I layed her head. I think it helped.