Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Short Getaway

inside the Gaylord Texan...A...MAZING!!!
Happy (alone) couple

Valentine Reindeer...cute

East Texas Winter Wonderland



Lincoln...a little serious

Posing for Sunny

Teething like crazy!
Brian and I had a much needed ONE night getaway last Friday. Mom watched Lincoln and Paula watched the big boys. Mom volunteered to watch ALL 3 but I wouldn't do that to her!! HAHA! We went to the Gaylord Texan for the first time. It was amazing. We went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Friday night. Not sure if Brian enjoyed it but he let me plan the agenda. OF COURSE...we shopped all day Friday and 1/2 a day Saturday. Now, I did suffer a little and went with him to REI. Somehow, I managed not to get drug into Guitar Center (yay)!! He never complained once about all the stores I went into or what I bought! What a trooper! It was nice to have a dinner alone and to sleep through the night. Well, I woke up several times but at least I didn't have to get out of bed and feed someone, right? We had a great time and we will definitely be going to the Gaylord again!!

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Erin said...

Cute pics...so glad you got some alone time!! Oh how we took it for granted before kids! :-)