Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3 Lil fish

Drew is swimming great this year
Hudson trying new tricks off diving board

Our weekend spot

Loves standing in the baby pool

Loves sitting in the baby pool too

Standing alone for a few seconds

My go cart when I was little
Still running after all these years
As you can tell, our summer has pretty much centered around swimming at my parents house. The boy are swimming great this year and do not have to have Mama or Daddy in the water at all times...YAY! My Dad got my old go cart up and running and the boys drove it for the first time last weekend. Luckily they have been driving their battery powered John Deere tractor and Firetruck for years so they were pros! It is so old and shakes so bad that you have to put cushions on the seat and back! You MP girls will remember riding that thing around the square in the neighborhood. We are going to Beavers Bend with The Dyke Crew this weekend...Lincoln included! Should be hot but fun! Pictures to come!! O...and I'm getting my hair colored next week....going darker....I'll post pics of that too! Fingers crossed it looks good!


Erin said...

Cute! Fun pictures and I am superexcited to see the new hair! :-)

The Ealy's said...

Reminds me of many fun weekends at the McGuires! Miss those days.