Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of School & Mr "Got Shoes"

First Day of School
Drew-Pre-K, Linc new sitter, Hud-1st grade

This is "putting your arms around each other"

Ready to take on the world

And...we're off

Places to go...

People to see
As you can see, there is a lot going on already in the Dyke household. School started 4 weeks ago and everyone has settled into their new routine. Well, except for Mama. I'm working full-time now and pick up the boys at 3:00 each day. It is such a blessing to be able to do that and see them for a bit before the nighttime routine starts. You know....dinner, homework, bath, reading, prayers, etc.
Hudson and Drew started soccer a week ago and have their first game this weekend. They are on different teams this season so it's been a little crazy practing on different days. They are both doing great and seem to really like it. They are doing well in school too. Both have gotten good reports each week. They only thing Hudson's teacher said he needs to work on is talking more quiet. Well, he is related to me you know.
Lincoln is walking like crazy and is starting to say some words. I LOVE this stage...he is SO much fun. He is the most content baby we've had and is such a joy. Of course, no baby is perfect and we have issues with not liking table food and still waking up once a night! I'm trying not to complain b/c he is such a happy baby. I'm planning his first birthday party. I decided to have a big party and invite all our local friends and their kids...and family too! With the other two boys, I only did a small family get together at our house. But, for some reason, I want to have a big party and have everyone there that has watched him grow this last year. Maybe it's b/c he's my last baby and I want to make a big deal about everything. It should be a blast for all of us.


The Zipser Family said...

Those boys are adorable! I love this age too, they are so sweet. I hope to see you next weekend and meet Mr L

Erin said...

What handsome little men you have...and yea for a post! :-)

Amanda said...

They are too cute McCall...I agree that you should do everything big with L.

Catherine Chaumont said...

They are precious!! I can't believe how big they are. That is so good that you get to leave work at 3...nice balance of working and being a mom.