Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My BABY turned TWO!

Look who's TWO YEARS OLD!
What a big boy he is

He loved it!

Loved opening gifts

His friend from school, Carson

Cuz Hailey and Mawmaw

Aunt DoeDoe

Big Bro Hudson

My baby turned two on September 29th! Because of our busy schedules, we just decided to have his party at the park again and have it on his actually birthday; which was a Thursday. It worked out great! All our friends and family were there and kids of all ages had fun too!

Of course, I didn't get a picture of the him with the cake but hey...3rd child, ok?? I'm sooooo over having "perfect" birthday parties where it's mainly for the parents. Lincoln and his brothers had a blast and that's all that matters to me. I let Lincoln pick the theme and "Lightnin Queen" was his choice!

He is obsessed with riding 4wheelers at my in-laws so we knew getting him his own 4wheeler was the perfect gift! We were right...he fliped out when he saw it and jumped right on! He steers that thing like a pro!

As far as his stats: he's 34 lbs and still wearing 2T (smaller than the other boys at this age)

not sure about height. Just got rid of a middle of the night bottle (don't judge), still takes a paci at night time and is the pickiest eater I've had. BUT...he's the sweet thing in WHOLE world and everyone that keeps him (school, church, etc) says he is such a joy and love being with him! It took us two years to get pregnant with Lincoln and he was sooooooo worth the wait! He finally completes our family and we are so happy with three little boys!! It is an adventure of a lifetime!

On other news, we are finally building our house! The slab was poured on Oct 1st and they already have the roof on! I'll post about that soon!

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