Wednesday, August 24, 2011

July in a snapshot

The new "Farm House" as we call it
view from our carport

Back porch watching the cows

Hudson and Lincoln

Lil cheeser


Learning how to drive the razor

Pawpaw and Linc

I wanna swim, mommy!

perfecting the "pencil" jump


Drew's handstand

Drew's cannonball

Hudson's handstand

Hud's cannonball

Boys watching TV with Papa

Lincoln loves the waverunner

So does Hud

My mom & My sis-in-law Sharon

Mer's favorite lil boy

July flew by, like a flash!

From 4th of July, to Hudson going to his first overnight church camp, to Brian's Birthday, to my out of state work trip! Whew!

We are getting adjusted to living in what we call the "Farm House." The boys have really missed living on our old street with all the kids that live there. They have had way too much time together and need to go back to school desperately! The fighting is driving everyone crazy. But, I guess if I were a good mom, I'd look at it as a "teaching opportunity!" Lessons on being courteous, sharing and not trying to annoy our brother. HAHA! In honor of moving to the "farm", we bought a Ranger and a Junior Razor for us to drive around on. Because my grandparents live just around the corner, we can drive the back way, though the hills and pastures and go visit. They absolutely love us coming and so do we. We are still waiting to close on our loan so hopefully the house building will be happening soon!

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