Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

Painting the land turtles at Papa's
Hudson's "Christmas Turtle"

The paint didn't get on the turtles so well

"Great Scott" took them around the farm

The "guys"

19 weeks prego

I had a great Mother's Day weekend. It was a nice balance between spending some chill time at home and having other things going on as well.
Hudson had T-ball game Friday night and we went to Cici's Pizza afterwards. Hudson got someone out, for the first time! We were so excited for him. He's finally understanding who to tag out and when. Saturday morning, my hubby let me sleep in!! The best present I right, moms?? I piddled around the house doing laundry, cleaning out Drew's room (making room to move Hud in there eventually), and washing the cars. Then we went to sign Hudson up for Flag Football for the fall. He actually wants to play! Fine with me...I want him to play anything but Soccer! Not a fun sport to watch, in my opinion. Sunny (my mom) & Papa (my dad) met us for lunch and took the boys with them for the afternoon so B and I could watch Star Trek. I was NOT excited about going but shockingly enough...I actually liked it. I really think that movie is for just about anyone to enjoy.
Sunday, we went to church and took Brian's mom to her favorite place, Two Senoritas. The boys took a nap (unwillingly, of course) and I headed to Wal-Mart to shop in peace and quiet. We ended the evening at my grandmother's (Mer) where the boys road on their HUGE tractor and we cooked hamburgers. These are the weekends that I love small town life.


Jaton said...

Your belly looks great!!

The Ealy's said...

You are so precious! Can't wait to find out for sure that it's a girl!