Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

DG Sisters from college
Megan and Davis (love those cheeks)

Cruisin' thru the MP airport

Zachary and Hudson

Lovin' the lizard Daddy caught

Typical Drew face
Hudson, freezing but happy

We made a quick trip to Austin for my college roommates' 30th B-day. We cooked hamburgers and just hung out...I love those kind of get-togethers. B and I stopped by a few baby boutiques while in town and found some super cute bedding...for girls! Different boy bedding sooo hard to find. I don't want western, camo or animals and I don't really want "baby" colors eithers. I want blue, of course....just not pastel blue. I'm going to Dallas on Monday so maybe I'll find something amazing.
Oh yea, back to our weekend. We got back in town around lunch on Monday and headed to the MP airport for the Annual Fly-In. Pilots from our area "fly-in" and park their plane for everyone to come by and see. They served free hotdogs and hamburgers and a few of the pilots gave free rides. We've been going for several years and the boys absolutely love it. Afterwards, we went to my parents for some swim time. We made it an early night and headed home. Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend too.


Aaron, Lacey, and Audrey said...

Your belly is so cute! If you have time while in Dallas, stop by Lone Star Baby, we got Audrey's crib there and they have tons of cute bedding for girls and BOYS! ;)

Jessica Cameron said...

I understand about the whole bedding! It's hard to get exactly what you want...Blake's was navy blue, red & white plad. I wasn't too much into the pastil colors either!

Mitzi said...

We got Addy's bedding at They have cute boy bedding too. they have a booth at Canton

Joy said...

Mccall, You are so beautiful! I am so happy for you and truly know what a miracle this little one is! Thank you for keeping in touch through your blog!! Joyce

The Alexanders said...

Gosh are boys really look like brothers! The hair color is the same.