Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Blessed Christmas

2 out of 4 of my favorite boys
Loving our new bear

1st remote control car...loved it

Santa brought this to Drew but "someone" liked it too

Sporting my new scarf knitted by my Mom

Look at that face...

Lincoln's fav great-grandma...Mer
Another crazy Christmas has come and gone. This one was a little more special considering we had a new addition to the family. I love that I am old enough to appreciate the blessing of a new life and a little sad that I didn't savor every moment of the other boys' infanthood (if that's a term). I was "too busy" and "stressed out" to enjoy them while they were little. I look at Lincoln all the time and praise God for giving him to us. I now love every minute of being with Lincoln...happy or crying, smiling or fussing...he is a true joy and growing every second of the day. So...you new mom's who are always stressed and uptight...chill, go with the flow and enjoy the precious gift you have been given!
Now...on to Christmas...we did the in-laws for Christmas Eve, my parents late Christmas morning and my grandmother's Christmas evening. I was a little worried how Linc would do with all the jumping around but he was a trooper. Thankfully, my family all have cribs so L was right at home. He took naps at every location and did fantastic! The big boys had a ball this year. They were old enough to actually ask for things for Christmas so we had to explain that they would NOT be getting everything they asked for. Favorite gifts were: Hexabugs, Batman Cave, DJ keyboard thingy, and of course their HUGE nerf guns! Mommy's favorite gift was a necklace that had all the boys' names on it!
Mom is watching all the boys Thursday night so we can go to dinner and a movie. I think she's trying to make up for the fact that she, my dad and brother and S-I-L are all going to the National Championship without me...AGAIN!!! If you'll recall...the last time the Longhorns went to the Nat'l Championship Drew was 2 weeks old...so...of course I couldn't go then either!
Hope you all have a wonderful New Years!!


Mitzi said...

Lincoln is a doll!

Catherine Chaumont said...

Lincoln has changed so much! He is precious and so are the older boys! What an adorable family!!