Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December in Review

"Flying" the DC3 with Great Scott
Flew to Jefferson for lunch one day

His favorite gift!

Lincoln's favorite toy

Riding "Huhsssson's" scooter

Loves his new phone

"Northpole of Texas" outside Winnsboro

Riding the "makeshift" train

Waiting for the train ride...FREEZING


Eating with Hudson for Christmas lunch at school

Can't believe he sat on his lap!!

Cutest Sheppard EVER at Christmas Program

Mr. Drew...after the program

Amanda's wedding...sorority sisters

Singing DG song and "The Eyes of Texas"

Me and my cutie husband
We had a GREAT Christmas and New Year holiday! The boys were NOT happy to go back to school this week. Their 16 year old cousin has been watching them the last two weeks at our house, so they have had a blast!
They were super excited about Christmas this year and Drew woke up at 3AM Christmas Eve night to tell me Santa came. Soooo, I let him look at all of it for a minute and then took him back to bed. 2 minutes later....I heard him in there playing! I put in back to bed 3 times before he fell asleep again. Poor guy! Everyone woke up, for good, at 6:00 sharp! The madness began! Hudson and Drew got scooters from Santa and a Nintendo DSi from us. Those were their favorite gifts from us...along with a sling shot, a crossbow, and a gumball machine! Lincoln's favorite was his big truck in the picture above. And NO, I don't have any pics of Drew b/c he boycotted pictures that day! Their other favorite gifts of the day were new bicycles from my parents and BB guns from Brian's parents.'s beginning to be REALLY apparent that I'm surrounded by boys!! But, I love every minute of it!
It has taken a full WEEK to get the Christmas decor put away and get the house back in order after the gifts/toys have been drug through the house!
I hope each of you had a blessed Christmas! Things Brian and I are looking forward to this year:
1. Going on our 10 year anniversary trip...maybe Costa Rica
2. Selling our home (hopefully)
3. Starting to build a new house (hopefully!)
4. Running my first 5K
5. Brian running half marathon (over achiever, I know)
6. Drew starting Kindergarten and being at same school as Hudson
7. Trying to read one book a month (we'll see?!?!)
I pray blessing over each one of you and may we all strive to be all God wants us to be this year!


Erin said...

Yea for updates! You looked beautiful at the wedding...cute hair and gorgeous dress! And best of luck with 2011. :-)

Amanda said...

where are yall wanting to build? i know your mom had mentioned you guys probably eventually wanting to do that!!

Graham said...

Great pics! I can't believe how much your baby looks like your hubby!