Monday, March 7, 2011's been two months

My cutie patootie

playing in Scooby Doo tent at home

Loving Snow Days

Can't believe someone let them do this

Here's the culprit...Pawpaw

Trying to fit 20 big ants in tiny hole

17 months old!!
Wrestling...weekly occurences at our house

Lincoln has found new places to play

My silly Drew

They L.O.V.E their "Sunny"

Happy Valentine's Day!

More places to play! LOL!

Drew loves his hair spiked!

Drew first sleepy over...lil boy fun!

One of Lincoln FAVORITE ppl...Pawpaw

Definitely one of Lincoln's fav ppl! "Daa-Tee!"
Even though it's been super busy at the office, we've still tried to find time to have lots of fun!
Tax Season is in FULL swing and that means Brian is working double time!! Both boys just started baseball and practice started last week. They both seem excited about it. If you'll remember...Hudson didn't want to play last year but changed his mind this year. He moved up to Machine Pitch and Drew started TBall. They both did great at their first practice. Hopefully, they'll both love it and have a great time.
Lincoln is 17 months old and running around like crazy! We've been in close contact with his ENT b/c he's had an ear infection and both tubes have been dislodged somewhat. Dr isn't ready to do tubes again. HE said Linc will have to get several more infections before we start the process over again. He's talking WAY more than I remember the other boys talking at this age. He is putting two and three words together! Crazy. He's still pretty easy going but does stand his ground with his two older brothers. He comes and "taddles" when they take something from him or they won't let him have something. So cute! He runs to me and says "Mama, car" and pulls me to where the action happened. He is such a joy and I'm so glad God had me wait for this blessing.
Brian and I have been talking to Contractors and waiting on bids to build our new house. Hopefully, we'll find a good fit (as far as contractor) b/c we'll be in contact with this person daily for the next 6 months. I have been online a lot looking at pictures of new homes (since there aren't many in MP) trying to get my thoughts together on what I want the house to look like. Soooo many decisions to make so I'm trying to get ahead of the game. Things we know for sure: one story, 4 BR and a gameroom, all stone exterior and granite counters! I really wanted wood floors but doesn't look like that will be in the budget. :( That's about all we have decided so far! If any of you have seen interesting websites or blogs about current house construction & decor, I'd love to visit them. We LOVE the look of the new homes in the Austin area!
Take care and please continue to pray for my friend Sarah and her little girl Sadie.


The Zipser Family said...

Thanks McCall for the updated pics. The boys are precious. Thank you also for the prayers, we appreciate it so much. Good luck with the house, sounds so fun! Catherine has recommended some great websites for decor, one is they have some great DIY stuff.

Have a great week

Catherine Chaumont said...

Love the updates! Precious boys!

I am obsessed with home decor blogs these days and have come across several that I like. Young House love was kind of where I started. They have a lot of good advice on budget friendly decor and basic design advice. They are probably a little more contemporary than I am but I still find lots of good inspiration. From their website I have found a bunch of others and those websites will often mention other blogs so you can literally spend hours searching for all kinds of ideas. Here are some I like:,,
Also, here is a GREAT website with tons of ideas on decorating any room. You can search by rooms, style etc. and get tons of photos for inspiration.
I don't really look at much new construction. Most people in Ft. Worth live in older homes and remodel so I don't have as much advice on that. I used to look at Southern Living magazines for blueprints a lot. They do have some that are like the homes in Austin. You might check out their website. How exciting for you guys!