Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Month of May...

My Boogie-21 months old

Pre-K Graduate...Drew

Drew and teacher Mrs. Cheryl

The graduate and big bro

Hudson during last week of school with Mrs. Cross

Hudson reading his fav book during parent/child day

Ranger Game

me and Crissie

Crissie and Josh

Drew and Lainy ran the bases

The boys LOVE Lainy

The month of May held lots of End of the Year activites and few quick fun trips.

Drew had an End of the Year program for his Preschool and they did "graduation" afterwards. He was so cute walking across the stage to get his diploma. The teacher says a few words about each child as they come across the stage and she said Drew "takes pride in his work and is a natural leader. He said he wants to be a Police officer when he grows up." Aw, make a mama proud. Drew is a happy lil thing and is so easy going. He makes friends easily and loves sports. (He's playing flag football this fall) He is reading on a 1st grade level and likes asking me how to spell things. I love seeing him come out from under Hudson's shadow and become his own person. I can't wait to watch his personality grow as he goes into Kindergarden this year. Sorry, i needed to talk about Drew some b/c big bro gets a lot of attention since he's the loudest!! HAHA!

Hudson had an end of the year party the last day of school and they rented like 10 blow-up water slides. The kids had a blast. He made all A's this year and his lowest grade for the year was a 96! AND, he's in GT! Obviously, he got his smarts from his Daddy and his mouth from his Mama (see his desk right next to the teachers in the above photo?) HAHA! He loves school and learning anything!! The child loves to know details about how everything works and will probably be an Engineer of some sort! He's loves any activity outside but hasn't really liked sports, so far. He likes fishing, hunting, riding 4wheelers, etc. I'm thinking about signing him up for Tae Kwon Do in the fall. He's an individual kinda kid!

On to Lincoln...he's loving being at home this summer with his cousin, Bretley watching them. Linc talks like crazy and sometimes I forget that he's not even two yet. He loves saying phrases that his bros and cousins say, like..."No way Jose!" He even says things, "Come here Mama," and "Mama, this way!" We've nicked-named him "Bossy Britches!" He doesn't let his brothers get away with anything and will definitely stand up for himself. He is a little fibber too...he'll be sitting in car seat and say "Mama, Drew hit me." And, I'm sitting right there and know good and well that Drew didn't touch him. He's so funny! He loves to ride in the car...anybody's car. He just wants to go! He likes the pool and his fav thing to do is ride the 4wheeler. He begs and begs to go on it. He is pure joy and definitely completes our family!

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