Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Egg-stravaganza 2011

All the cousins plus one friend minus cuz Hailey
Daddy and Lincoln riding the mule

First swim in the lake

Lincoln, Cuz Taylor and friend Kate

Family pic at church

My three sons!!

Seersucker pants..I love it!!

My loves

doing Lincoln's fav thing...riding mule

Plz leave ONE egg for the baby!

My oldest...Hud the Stud

My middle...Drew Boo

family friends (the oldest girl is 5 days older than Hudson...seriously!)

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend! Lot of hunting eggs, eating, and having fun! And of course, lot of pictures! I don't get many photos of the 5 of us so I took advantage of us all dressed up for Easter.

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