Friday, September 5, 2008

"I don't want to be a big boy"

Those are the words from a weeping 2 1/2 year old that does NOT want to wear underwear and use the potty! This week Drew started potty training. For those of you who have experienced know what kind of week I've had...for those of you who haven't...prolong going through the process as long as you can!!! He started off wearing underwear(with a huge fight, I might add) and had quite a few accidents but now after 4 days...we have gone #1 AND #2 in the potty! YEAH!! YEAH!!! We're over the hump! The hardest part is actually making them relax(and if it's boy, stop touching his you know what) enough while sitting on the potty to let "business" happen. And especially #2...that took Hudson weeks to do. I think using underwear instead of pullups, did the trick. Yeah're the bomb! Now, let's see how he does spending the night with Sunny tonight...Good luck, Mom. I have to be at Heritage Park at 5 freakin' 30 to help w/ Mt. P Cancer Crusade...thanks a lot Amanda.'ll be fun. Let's hope my lil' Punkin keeps up the potty usage!! I love NO diaper changing!!


Pennie and Colby Langford said...

that sounds FUN!!!!
can't wait!

Anonymous said...

McCall, you have a beautiful family..those boys are precious..!!
Its pitiful that we have to read blogs to keep up with people in our own town..
I love reading all the girls blogs, can't believe that your all old enough to have children of your own..!!I am sooo old!!
Love keeping up with all of you..

Amanda said...

Thanks for getting up so early to help out with the are awesome for doing it! :)