Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday fun in Mt. P

The hurricane brought some pretty hefty rain and wind starting Saturday afternoon BUT before it hit Mt. P. we had to make a little trip to Texarkana. We were in hot pursuit of a "Cowboy costume with guns" per my 4 year old. Just a week ago, he was wanting to be batman but after he saw his friend with a cowboy belt that two holsters for guns...we've changed our mind. After our short-lived outing, we went to Paula's(Brian's mom) to ride out the storm. All the cousins were there so of course the boys had a blast. Sunday was beautiful so after church (and nap) we played outside and the boys "helped" Brian wash the truck. Notice the guns on Hudson...he has worn them non-stop since Sat. except bath, bed and church. Boys will be boys...and you don't even have to teach it!

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BabyGraham said...

They are such cuties!