Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ode to the R.E.S.

As you can see, we got a new car this weekend....an '09 Honda Pilot!! Luuv it! We gave in and got the R.E.S. (Rear Entertainment Center...AKA DVD player). When driving around Mt. P, I always thought it was pitaful that people had their DVD player going...like, can't a kid wait 5 minutes to go across town to go home or whatever. Seriously, you can get anywhere in Mt. P in less than 10 mins. But... we thought it would be nice to have when going to Austin or Dallas or even Tyler. Well..let me tell you...that's the best thing we ever did. Ours came with wireless headsets for each of the boys so we didn't have to hear "Bee Movie" all stinkin weekend. Oh wow...we didn't have one fuss, fight, fit...nothin' for two whole days. It was so peaceful in the car. Brian and I could have a conversation..a full conversation!! So...I take back every judgmental thing I said about you mom's that have that movie going 24hrs a day. Well, we did decide to establish some DVD rules. They can only watch on the weekends or when we go on a trip out of town. BTW....we were all smiles in the photo attached until I made them be still for the pic!!!


The Ealy's said...

Yeah for DVDs!! And for Hondas! Warren has one(a honda) and we love it. My next car will definitely have the DVD thing...I've already decided. I take it since you're all wearing UT clothes that maybe you made it to the game?? Next time your here...please call me.

Amanda said...

So what happened to the Explorer? I feel like you just got that car? Anyway, I may not have kids myself but all of my friends who have them swear by the DVD in the car...it is something I will absolutely get someday! :)

McCall McGuire Dyke said...

We had the Explorer for over 2 yrs. "Mr. Accountant" my husband thought the value of it was awful and that it wasn't going to get any better so he thought we should buy a car with better resale. Hey, fine with me...I luv a new car. You coming to the MP fair this weekend? You know you want to! LOL!