Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1st Flight with Daddy

Daddy and Co-Pilot
He loved talking into the headset

Happy boy

We tried to take our pic in the backseat of the plane

Sunset over Mt. Pleasant
The boys have been begging to ride with Brian since they knew he was taking flying lessons. We have been to the airport to watch him land several times but haven't been able to ride with him until now. The boys couldn't wait to go for a ride. We flew over my parents' house, our house and Hudson wanted fly over church. When we flew over my parents' house, Drew kept saying, "Mama, don't let Daddy fly into that water, ok?" Crack me up...that's all he was worried about the whole time. Hudson absolutely loved it. I didn't know how Hudson would do b/c he's always been afraid of loud noises; his whole life. And, b/c of that, he won't participate in a lot of things. I was so proud of him and hope that he and Drew will have many years ahead flying with their Daddy.