Monday, November 24, 2008

Shopping, a Wedding, a Brunch & Thanksgiving early

The handsome couple

All the DG girls!

Lacey and Baby Audrey

Sunny and the Boys

Mer and Drew The fam

We had a whirlwind weekend, but definitely lots of fun. It started Saturday...We dropped the boys off at my parents and headed to Dallas to do a little Christmas shopping before my sorority sisters' wedding that night. We got quite a bit done so I felt rather productive...only 3 people left to buy for! Because we lost track of time, we go to our hotel only 20 mins before the wedding. Luckily, our hotel was across the street from the church. I'm not surprised that we were late...Brian and McCall, as a unit, NEVER get anywhere on time when we are going, in, or coming from out of town. I don't know if we are so excited to be away, that we lose all track of time or what?? Anyway, the wedding was a blast and we danced the night away to a fun and crazy band called the "Spasmatics."

Sunday, we met up with my bestfriend from high school and had brunch with her, her husband and new baby Audrey. Precious. We had a great time catching up. We were inseparable in high school. I remember riding through the streets of Mt. P on the weekends in her little red, two-door, Cavalier. We were carefree and loved every minute of it. We had our whole futures ahead of us. I would have never guessed that life would take us on different paths and that we would lose touch during college and 20's. I remember our crazy, spontaneous, nights and talking til all hours of the morning. I know that we all have to grow up and can't live in the past but hopefully, we'll learn to bring our friendships with us as our lives change. So, this is a challenge to you all....don't let your most treasured friendships fade away b/c you move, get married or even b/c you have children. We all need friends in our life that make us laugh, listen to us complain, hold us up when we cry and share the wonderful joys of life together. CHEERS to Friends!

We ended the weekend with an early Thanksgiving dinner at Mer's house. I love Turkey and Dressing!! We were all worn out from the weekends' festivities so we headed home to the comfort of our own beds.

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Lacey and Aaron said...

Awe, cute pictures! I'm so glad we were able to get together. It was fun!