Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween weekend

Sunny and the Boys
MawMaw and the Boys

Too fun!

The Aggie and me

Sunday afternoon fun

This is my life as mother of boys...dirt and more dirt!

So...I'm an awful mom and only got 3 Halloween pics this year! I'm so sick about it!!! The night was crazy b/c we had to see all the grandparents before we could go out for the night. We all met for dinner at Herschel's and by the time we got the boys to the church festival, they both wanted their hats, guns, bandana's...everything off. Man...why do I even buy costumes?? So they both went around the church in jeans, a shirt and boots...like most Mt. P kids where all year long (you know, this is real cowboy country). But, they had a blast on the blow-up things and playing the games. Hudson got tired of the crowd after a while so he wanted to go "real" trick or treating. We went to a nice neighborhood and parked the car and walked to several houses. Some of the adults answering the doors were dressed in scary costumes but it didn't slow my two down one bit...they were on a mission - find candy! After tired feet and plenty of sugary treats, we were on the way home. Yeah...

Brian and I went to the A&M vs. Colorado game on Saturday while Paula and Randy kept the boys. It was a great game and Brian picked a good one, since they won!! After doing a little Aggie gear shopping for the boys (B's idea of course) I was in route to find a TV to watch my Horns. Well, you all know what happened so I won't go into it. I'm still in a little bit of shock but it won't keep me from displaying my burnt orange shirt this Saturday while watching the Bears get trampled. Ok...I'm hoping they get trampled. Anyway, it was a fun day and half away!


Colby, Pennie, and Cade Langford said...

u must really love that man to go to an atm game!!!!!
your boys look like so much fun!

The Bass Family said...

Just email me at mbwbears at yahoo dot com with some pictures that you want and maybe the colors that you want me to use and your login info and I will get started asap!!