Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Half way!!

I'm 20 weeks prego this week. Crazy....I feel like it was just yesterday that I was 6 week prego and worrying day and night about whether my body was going to let me keep this pregnancy. I won't lie, I still worry about that sometimes. With the boys, it never crossed my mind...at any time...that every week pregnant was a blessing. I'm trying to cherish this pregnancy (as weird as that sounds) knowing that it's my last. I go back to the Dr. on Thursday to try and figure out if this baby is really a boy or girl? I don't have any inclinations so we'll all be surprised!
In the meantime...I've been thinking baby names. Now...that is "funnest" part about having a baby...am I right? This time...I'm thinking something different. On MckMama's blog the other day, she talked about having unique baby name ideas for her sister but didn't list any. I wish she would, I need ideas. Ok..so here's your chance...bring on the unusual baby name ideas, please. Here's a start....what about Quaid and Maddox?


Ashley said...

For boys or girls? I like Maddox. how about Italy or Emory for a girl? I read those names on a blog the other day and loved them! What about Ireland for a girl? Okay... those are my ideas... I'm all about the baby names! good luck and I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl! Either way I'm excited for you!

Marci said...

I have a family member who named her daughter Ezmi, and also a friend with a daughter named Emeri, and a son named Wheaton. I've always thought those names were unique and cute! Happy choosing!!


Jaton said...

A unique name? Hmmmm..... JATON!!!! LOL

The Ealy's said...

What about Lockie?! It works for boys and girls! ha!

Rachel said...

Ok, not super unique but I love the name Nicola for a girl! Good luck!