Thursday, June 4, 2009

I finally found it

Airplane fabric on outside of bumper & brown minky on inside
striped fabric for skirt

HAD to have this for his room

Pic from last weekend

I went to Canton last weekend for the first time in years. Beside it being incredibly HOT, I had a great time. I went with some friends that go all the time so they knew all the good pavillons to hit. This is where I found it...the perfect bedding for my sweet baby! You'll never guess what's on the bedding....AIRPLANES!! Yep, in honor of my hubby getting his pilots' license and of course the rest of the men in my family that fly. I didn't think I wanted a theme this time but just couldn't find anything that I liked. When I saw this booth and all the bedding she had on display, I knew I'd find something I loved. The name of the business is Love Bug Baby Bedding and is custom made. She just got this fabric so she hasn't actually made bedding from it yet but her website has so many other cute ones too.
I've already been cleaning Drew's closet out in preparation of moving Hudson stuff in there too. Oh, and so much for getting bunkbeds...neither one of them wants to sleep on the top bunk so we took them apart. Crazy...I used to love sleeping on the top bunk at camp. Just watch...they'll change their mind in about 2 months and we'll be putting them back together! Ugh! Btw...the bedding is going to take 2 months so I'll post a pic when it comes in and we have the nursery put together. As you can tell, I'm beginning to get super excited about having another little boy! Thanks for all the great baby name ideas....keep on the lookout still!


The Zipser Family said...

That is perfect!! So cute. Canton is so fun, very big and a lot of stuff but a ton of fun. Hope to see you next weekend!

Paula McKaughan said...

I love the material you found! It's going to look great! Can't wait to see the room when it's all decorated. I loved fixing up Wyatt's he's such a "big boy"...time flies!

BabyGraham said...

I love it! Congrats again!!!