Monday, July 27, 2009

Lake Party # 2 & 30wk pic

30 week photo

finally got him to wear floaties

Master Griller

Watching hay being baled at my grandmother's a few wks ago

We had our 4th Annual Family Lake Day with our Sunday School class & their kids out at Mom & Dad's this weekend. We had 20 adults and no telling how many kids. Due to my "current condition," I stayed by the pool all afternoon and swam with the kids. Brian took the boat out with mostly dad's and kids that wanted to tube. Hudson FINALLY tubed...yeah! Brian didn't even have to talk him into it & he loved it. Oh and another mileston...Hudson jumped off the diving board with no lifejacket and swam to the shallow end. AND he went down the slide with no lifejacket. Of course, this idea came to him when he saw a girl his same age doing it and said he could too! Nothing like being shown up by a "girl!" LOL!! We grilled fajitas and swam a little bit more before it started getting dark. We are so blessed to be a part of a wonderful Sunday school class and love each of them dearly.

I leave for Kansas City tomorrow for a business conference and will be back Friday. Have a great week!

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