Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th

Lazy river
Drew with baby belly in background

Drew going down the slide after we begged the slide attendant to let him

Daddy had to go 1st to demonstrate

Hudson slid down this 50 times, at least

I didn't take many pics this weekend except our trip to a small water park in Tyler. We had a low-key holiday and didn't even go out in the boat once. Boy, I'm getting old!!
We swam for a few hours at mom and dad's and went to the in-laws for some steaks. I tried to get the boys to go out to the lake to watch fireworks but they quickly declined! Guess I should be thankful...I'm sure there will be many years to come of them begging to shoot fireworks!!! Hope you had a great weekend too!
FYI: the reason I only posted pics of the slides is b/c that's all the boys wanted to do the whole time!! Guess we got our money's worth after 50 times down the slide!!!


The Zipser Family said...

Looks fun. Did ya'll do the turtle races? Got to keep the McGuire tradition going!

BabyGraham said...

Cute pics and cute boys as usual! You look GREAT