Friday, August 21, 2009

Open House & Flag Football

KINDERGARTEN is quickly approaching!!!
This is the only pic he'd take...outside his new classroom
Hud's friend from preschool is in his class too

The gym...that's Drew
playing in the reading lounge while parents fill out ppwk

Doing drills at football
Mine's the cutie in the burnt orange (Hook 'em)

Hud doesn't like pushing but likes getting flags

Drew during practice
Drew found something to do...his favorite
Last night was "Meet the Teacher" at Hudson's new elementary school. He was so excited to go and was practically skipping down the kindergarten hall. He said his teacher "looks nice." After meeting his teacher, we visited the library, gym and cafeteria. They served pizza to all the kids and parents which, of course, they loved. We bought a school shirt and Hudson said he wanted to wear the first day of school. Too cute. I said, "Well, I think you should wear something else the 1st day of school, since we'll be taking lots of pictures!" He said," we can take pictures in my school shirt!" I told him he could wear it the 2nd day of school and he was ok with that. Oh and Drew wanted a school T-shirt too. I told him I'd get him one later and Hud was not happy about that. I'm actually not sad at all about him going to kindergarten b/c he's really excited and I know probably half the parents in Hudson's class . Several of them and I went to high school together. Crazy. I think it's going to be a great year and I hope he makes lots of good friends. I'll post pics after his first day next week.

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