Monday, August 17, 2009

Shopping, Circus and Fishing

He will only let me take a pic if he can do silly faces
Same goes for little copy cat
Waiting for "Sunny" to get done shopping
Playing on indoor playground at Towneast Mall

Before the Circus...super happy

Way too many things to choose from

Opening far so good

loved the elephants

Not so good after fireworks

Drew 1st real catch at the in-laws

2nd catch 5 mins excited
brother decided to try too but would rather catch tadpoles
We've had a busy last two weeks so I decided to just post it all. I did leave out Hud's flag football tryouts and our 1st official practice. We also went bowling for the first team this weekend. The boys loved it and would jump up and down after EVERY bowl. Drew barely got the ball down the lane but it did end up knocking over a few pins!
I finally received the baby bedding last week! YEAH!! We have furniture in place but nothing on the walls. I want to wait until it's completely finished before I show you guys! I went to my 33 wk appt. today. The doctor thinks we are on schedule to have another large baby (surprise) so he thinks he may induce at 39 wks which would be the last week of September!! YEAH!!!! I go back in two wks so I'll let you know.
We have another flag football practice tonight so I'll try to take some pics of my little man.

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Catherine Chaumont said...

You look great! The boys are too cute! I can't wait to take Elise to the circus and see what she thinks of all the animals. Hope you are still feeling well.