Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday's THE day

My mom hooked this pillow...adorable

Mom painted this...yes, she's crafty unlike me

Love this!!

Went to the doctor this morning. Everything looks good. We are inducing Friday morning at 6AM. Maybe, just maybe I'll go into labor before then! I think I'll go for a brisk walk tonight...and tomorrow...and every day until he comes!! My face is swollen and my hands and feet are swollen...hince...NO pictures of myself!!

I'll let you know if anything changes b/w now and Friday. If not, expect a post sometime Friday or Saturday with pics of Lincoln.

Here are the final pics of the nursery. Have a great week!

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Catherine Chaumont said...

The nursery is so cute and I love the special touches your mom made to the room. Your mom is very talented!!! I'm so happy that he came on his own. He is absolutely precious!