Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MPHS football & last swim of the year

What a pleasant family portrait...Ugh, boys!
Future Tiger!

Drew and friend Lainy and "Sunny's" house

our fav thing to do this summer...slide

Trying to coax Drew into jumping...not working!

Ending the day watching Scooby Doo with "Great Scott" (my uncle)
We had a fairly relaxed weekend. We went to the MPHS football game and took the boys. They loved hearing the band during the game and their favorite part is watching the football players run through the giant blow-up Tiger Head. Of course, we left after the halftime show...Mama's tired!
I worked in the baby's closet Saturday morning. Started washing his gazillion items to be washed....burp cloths, blankets, sheets, bibs, clothes!! You would think there would not be much to do for a THIRD BOY but that's definitely not true. That afternoon, we met some friends at my parents to swim and play. They were in Austin at the UT game (sorry dogs) but they don't mind us coming while they are gone.
We went back to my parents Monday another dip in the pool and to enjoy some steaks! Great weekend! I went to the Dr. yesterday and he said I may go into labor on my own and not have to be induced...yippee! So...hopefully, we'll have a baby during the last week of Sept. I go to the Dr. every Tuesday so I'll keep you update!


Erin said...

You are looking beautiful, Mommy! Hope you get to go into labor on your makes it all more exciting. :-)

BabyGraham said...

You look great! I am getting excited for you! Hug your babies for me!