Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break 2011

after lots of playing on the bed...

we started our vaca off at the donut shop

messed around the house a little

lovin' some bubba time

we needed a little outside time too

a little BB gun time

a little...I'm too cute time!

a little ZOO time

with our best buds

Happy St. Patricks Day

a trip to the Heard Museum and nature trail in McKinney

a little rest time

a borrowed baby carrier..not comfortable at all

so he got carried instead...spoiled

and then he "crashed"
As you can tell, we had a great Spring Break week. I only worked two days so I could spend some quality time with my kiddos. The weather was gorgeous so we spent most of our time outside. We made a trip to the zoo and walked a nature trail. The boys were begging to go swimming..seriously! Um...not yet boys! My Dad flew us to McKinney to the Heard Musuem and nature trail for the day. A great day trip and the best part was that it took only 30 mins from MP. Sweet! We enjoyed our time together but sure did miss Brian, who was working quite a bit. Only FOUR more weeks of Tax Season..yay!

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