Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Warrior Dash

hundreds of ppl in each heat throughout the whole weekend
riding the bus from Motor Speedway to the race

ppl donating their shoes to 3rd world countries

Warriors...ready for the race

last obstacle of the race

post-warrior dash...and loving it!

Who IS that I'm standing by?

Brian and two of his buddies participated in a Warrior Dash in Ft. Worth a couple of weeks ago. They were so excited about it. It is a 5K that has obstacles throughout the race. There were hundreds of people there. We had to park at Texas Motor Speedway and ride a bus to the race. The big boys went with us and had a blast. They wanted to participate so badly but you had to be 14 years old. Brian already wants to do another one and wants me to join in too! We'll see!!

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Marci said...

I'm doing a mud run in September and there is a Warrior Dash here in November... ya'll should join me!!