Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mt. Pleasant Festivities

Jessica "Capps" Souza, Me, Angie before the fair
Lovin' the Petting Zoo

Drew, Caden & Hudson

Dressed for the Fair!

So, we finally found some cowboy boots for my biggest cowboy to go with his Halloween costume...Walmart special. But...little did I know, Hudson had plans to wear them all weekend and even to school this week. I always thought H would be a little preppy kid but he's kinda liking the boots and jeans look. Drew wore the boots H had been given when he was that age and they still had the tag on them; he didn't like 'em much. Now Drew is my little rugged kid. He's rough and tumble, messy and ALL boy. He already likes sports, which H still doesn't really. They are a lot alike but I'm beginning to see differences and I love it. Hudson is very outgoing, leader-type, opinionated and active (where did he get that???) and Drew is more go w/ the flow, jolly, class-clown type, but not a loner. They both have wonderful personalities and I can't wait to see them develop there own friendships and make there own choices. What a joy it is to be a Mom.

We went to the Mt. P fair and had a blast. Our friends from Mesquite came and brought their two boys and baby girl. I love the fair...maybe it's just b/c of the corndog!!


Heather Patterson said...

Your boys are so precious! Wish we could have seen ya'll... saw Paula & Randy @ church Sunday and that is ALWAYS such a JOY!


Jillian said...

i love your little boys. they are the cutest little things!!!! they are practicing to be in austin with the burnt orange and the boots!