Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paint the Town Pink

The office ladies & Brian
(not sure what's up with my hair color...stayed tuned for changes)

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month so Mt. Pleasant did something new this year. Because we now have the Patty & Bo Pilgrim Cancer Center and a new breast cancer Dr. in town, they decided to really raise awareness. The launched this big campaign called "Paint the Town Pink." All the local business were invited to get involved and decorate their windows and doors for a contest. They also sold cute pink T's for "Think Pink Day" yesterday. We didn't win the deocorating contest but it was a lot of fun and I actually learned a lot about the statistics of breast cancer in women and, believe it or not, men. It's been fun participating and seeing that our little town can come together for a very important cause. Of course, we couldn't get Brian to wear pink..maybe next year!

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