Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Activities

Like our bedhead?

Finished product

Happy boys eating sprinkles

See Brian's cookie? I think he's trying to get brownie points!

This weekend was wonderful. I love Fall and the feeling it gives you. A sense of excitement comes with changing of the seasons, like something fresh and new is coming your way.

We had a lazy weekend, which was very much needed after the last several weeks I've had at work (If you've been following the stock market at all, you know what I'm talking about)! BTW, I'm an Investment Advisor, if you were wondering. So, to relax, we took the boys to the Tennison Church Pumpkin Patch they have every year. No one was there at that particular time so the boys just ran wild and picked up every pumpkin they could hold. Drew has this new thing where he thinks everything, breathing or not, has a "Mama." So...he went around the pumpkin patch and tried to pair up little pumpkins with there "Mama!" It was so cute.

Saturday morning we decorated pumpkin cookies. Now, normally I'm not the super crafty, creative mom that does tons of holiday activities at home but thanks to Sunny (my mom), we now have a pumpkin cookie cutter and a pumpkin of course we had to decorate cookies. And of course that means "I" am the one who rolls out, cuts and bakes 18 huge pumpkin cookies. We bought orange icing, ghost sprinkles, and sugar bats and spiders. Now, that is a "boy" cookie for ya! They had a blast and I was glad I did it, in the end! Now...on to Halloween festivities...TWO Cowboys, comin' up!!

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