Monday, March 30, 2009

30th B-day festivities

Crissie, Sara, Me at the Horseshoe

money from my Money Tree for NYC

me and my Hubby

Silly boys

iday was my actual birthday but he didn't plan anything b/c Hudson was supposed to have T-ball. It got cancelled b/c of the rain so we just had a nice dinner with the in-laws at Chili's.
Saturday we dropped the boys off at Sunny & Papa's, picked up our friends, the Blackstone's, and headed to Shreveport (aka The boats) for a night full of gaming! I played 3 card poker and Blackjack the whole night with Sara and Brian and the guys played Craps. That game looks so confusing...of course, Brian picked it up instantly and made $500 bucks by the time the night was over. Of course we had already lost $500 now we're even! Which is a WIN to me! I go to the "boats" knowing that I'm coming home empty handed so breaking even was great! We had a wonderful buffet dinner full of every kind of food you could imagine. We rolled into MP around 2AM! Me...asleep of course! And..we still made it to church the next morning! I know, I know....being a Christian and gambling aren't supposed to mix but whatever!
We went to my Mom's Sunday afternoon and the boys played outside for hours. We sat on the back patio looking out at the lake. It was so relaxing. My made Taco Salad (at my request) and my grandmother, Mer, made my annual Carrot Cake for my B-day. It was all fabulous.
My BIG 30th Celebration is at the end of April when we go to New York. We can't take trips during tax season so a month late will have to do! I can't wait! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Now, I look forward to watching the rest of you hit the BIG 3-0 this year!


Cameron Clan said...

I don't look at going to the boats as gambling...I look at it like donating/entertainment!! LOL

Catherine Chaumont said...

Too bad I already hit 30 and you know what, it's not that bad. Happy birthday, McCall!