Monday, March 9, 2009

A concert and the Toothfairy

YEAH! I finally bought another camera. I gave the old one a good 3 weeks to show up and it didn't. I figured if I did end up finding it, I need two cameras anyway, right? Nothing exciting happened last week, except for taking care of two boys with Strep Throat. At least they had it at the same time.

Brian and I and our friends, David and Sara, went to the Building 429 concert in Kilgore Saturday. The boys stayed with Mawmaw and Pawpaw. We headed out early to do a little shopping in BIG Longview beforehand. I'm in need of few new tops and am not ready to buy maternity. Ok...I'll never be ready to buy maternity! To my disappointment, I didn't find ONE new shirt. But....I did find the cutest sandals. Black thong sandals with black rhinestones on the top and some brown sandals with a turquoise stones. LOVE them! Now, I need a pedicure before I show off my new kicks. We went to Country Tavern for dinner, in Kilgore. Very delicious and we got out pretty fast since it was 5:30 in the afternoon. We headed to the concert and got to visit with Jason (lead singer and friend from H.S.) before it started. They put on a great show and we had a rockin time.

During the concert, Mawmaw called and said Hudson had something to tell me. I was freaking out b/c it was 9PM and she was calling from her cell phone. Mom's think the worst, right? Turns out, Hudson had pulled his two bottom teeth by himself. They have been loose for a few weeks and his permanent teeth were growing behind them. So, weird. He had a rag and was wiggling them for like an hour and Voila...they came out. He was sooooo proud. Of course, the Tooth Fairy made a trip to Mawmaw's and they wrote a note to her to leave the teeth so Hudson could show his mom and dad. My goodness, he is turning 18 before my very eyes. Ok, I will not cry over his first teeth coming out. I'm saving up for our first day of Kindergarten in 5 months.
Oh, I go Wed. for another ultrasound so maybe I can figure out how to scan it so you can see it. I"ll be 10 weeks. Hopefully, only a couple more weeks of queesiness!

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The Ealy's said...

It was me who waved at you yesterday on the square. I know you were having a hard time figuring it out! You looked so confused!