Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zoo Excursion

trying to get a pic before we left but not so good
brushing the goats in the petting area

a littel scary

Hudson, Hailyn, Drew & Lainy

Feeding birds in the Bird Walkabout

view from our table at lunch in the zoo cafe

exhausted from a great day

It's Spring Break for our kids...we'll their teachers at their preschool have off but the kids can still go to school if needed. I felt bad b/c Hudson said he had all week off this week and little did he know that he had to still go. So, I took off yesterday and we went to the Tyler Zoo with my friend, Crissie and her two girls, Hailyn & Lainy. The boys had a blast and one of their favorite animals was the Anteater. So funny. They were already begging to go back this morning. My grandmother is going to keep them tomorrow so they can have another day away from school. They are going to plant flowers and go out to eat lunch. We have already purchased two pairs of little boys work gloves so they'll be all set! I love spring!!

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The Alexanders said...

Hey I love the boarder. And the Zoo looks like it was fun. Maybe we can get a bigger group together and go some other time. Zachary loves the zoo and Brooke has never been to the zoo.