Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carlsbad & San Diego CA

DAY ONE: San Diego Zoo

Sunny & Drew riding on the zoo tour bus

Riding the SkyFari
DAY TWO: Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA

Freezing on the beach
My sweet Drew, Drew

Hudson loved running from waves

Rare appearance on the blog by my brother, Lake

Lake and wife Sharon

Zonked out after a day at the beach and dinner
DAY THREE: Legoland

Almost everything was made of Legos

Shouldn't have done this...I got soaked

MiniLand...it was amazing

The Capital...the Inauguration of Obama
Hudson got to drive and loved it

Sunny & Papa rode too!
Facinated with the luggage thingy
Right before we left the Dallas airport for MP...smoltering HOT!
We went to Carlsbad, CA to visit my brother and sister in law last weekend. The weather was a little chillier than I had expected. After all...this is Southern California. It was approx. 67-70 degrees the whole time we were there. Overcast, except the last day. We had a great time anyway.
FYI: I haven't talked much about my bro on the blog b/c he doesn't live in Mt. P. He is 2 yrs older than I am and has not lived in MP since he graduated...somewhat of a "city boy" I think. Anyway,they have a home in Austin but have been in CA while my bro was getting his Gemologist degree. He is a "diamond broker" and wanted the credentials to go along with his several years experience in the field. They will hopefully return to Austin in Sept. or Oct.
We had wonderful time but I was glad to get back home. The boys can only take so many days of hotel, you know? I would highly recommend planning a trip to the San Diego area, next time you get the chance.


The Ealy's said...

I LOVE San Diego! So glad you got to take your boys to the zoo. I have not been to legoland but it looks awesome. I do miss that SoCal weather!

Ashley said...

I love SanDiego! It's so beautiful! Im so glad you went to the zoo- it was totally worth it wasn't it?

BabyGraham said...

I LOVE the pics!!! You look precious!!!