Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer days

Ready to start swimming lessons
Getting in the freezing water for a lesson

Playing with our new flag football set
Looks like a quarterback to me!

The boys had swimming lessons all week. I don't know which they more excited about...swim lessons or missing half a day of preschool! Hudson is doing well swimming and absolutely loves the water. Drew likes the water too but is NOT about to put his face in the water for long. He's so cute trying to swim but his little 3 1/2 yr old body just can't quite get the hang of it yet.
We just recently bought a flag football set for us play this summer. Hudson is signed up to play this fall so we thought we'd get a head start. We set out our soccer cones for goals and played in the front yard so there would be some boundaries. They both loved it and Mama and Daddy played too. Of course, sometimes I just "couldn't" get that flag off of them and they would score. I let the boys pick our team names and this is what they came up with: The Stinkies and The Coyotes....crack me up!! We kept score on the concrete with chalk. Sometimes I would catch Hudson erasing the other teams' points...guess we need to learn about Good Sportsmanship next.

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Mitzi said...

How did swim lessons go? Addy starts them MOnday.