Monday, June 29, 2009

4th of July festivites (early) & a visit from friends

Hudson's favorite...tattoos!
Drew...the whole fireworks show (with Brian's dad)
Hudson...part of the fireworks show
Brian and mom Paula (Mawmaw)

Beautiful finale

The boys and Josiah
Our friends, The Smiths, who used to live here, came to visit this weekend. They have two boys and a little girl so of course our kids love when they come. We had a cookout Saturday night and our other mutual friends came, The Souzas. Their little boy, Josiah, is in the picture on the dirt pile with the boys. We had a blast catching up and watching the kids play on the slip and slide.
Our church has an annual "Happy Birthday USA" celebration on Sunday. They have inflatables for the kids and cheap food. The whole community comes and it's a lot of fun. I love that it's on the weekend before the 4th so I get to celebrate twice!!

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