Friday, December 19, 2008

He's Back...for now!

Pic taken this morning! He looks well kept, huh?
Forget pretty presents when wrapping a Tow Truck and Crane

This is a lot prettier when lit at night

On top of our piano

Our "supposed" dog, Bo has been at our house for appoximately 15 hrs. YEAH! That's progress. Remember my post a few weeks ago about our dog being MIA? (Sorry, I don't know how to link that old post yet). We'll, my next door neighbor dropped by a house in the neighborhood to visit the new owners of that home. To her surprise...there was Bo in the house. Are you kidding me? Someone let a random dog on the street come into her home, bathe him and feed him. No wonder Bo hasn't come home...we don't let him in our house!! So we called the people and drove and got him. He didn't even stay the night and was gone for days again. We called the people AGAIN and YES, Bo was in there house. Uggh. Hello...if you wouldn't let him in your house, he'd probably come home eventually. So Brian went and got him again last night. He was still on our back porch when I went to bed last, but no Bo this morning. In a few minutes, here came that lady walking down our road bringing Bo. Well, Halleluia! She's finally getting it. Bo was still there when I left for work today so we'll see, when I get home. I have a feeling we're going to have to go get him several times before he stays put.

Thought I'd post some pics of some of our Christmas decorations even though I didn't do Tour of Homes from BooMama's blog. I didn't think to do it last night and take a pic of the outside lights so these are just pics from this morning.

Oh, and an update on my last post...We and the boys went Wed. to buy some things to give to Empty Stocking Program that's local and of course on the front page of the paper Thurs. was an article about how well the program went this year and that it was over the day before. Ah, Man. So I thought we'd call around and try to donate to something else. I found out the police Dept. was doing something called Blue Christmas. I called them and they said they have too many toys this year and are saving some for next year. What? He said usually they have to beg people to give and this year he said people were so generous. Wait a minute? I thought the economy was in the tank and that people were having a hard time buying for their own families? Guess the "News Media" is wrong and that God WILL use hard times to minister to and bless others.

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Zane, April, Corbin, and Kinsley said...

That dog is a hoot! He is full of stories!