Monday, December 15, 2008

Now I can focus on the "Reason"

The last of the Christmas parties are over. We had all of our Christmas parties during the last week and except for the boys' preschool parties on Friday, we are done! I'm kinda bummed, considering I'm a party person but, I think now I can focus on what Christmas is really about...Jesus. I think parties help us get in the spirit for the holiday season, and I love it, but it gets me out of focus. I have bought gifts for our entire family and not ONE thing have I purchased for someone less fortunate than us. Pitiful. Hudson is definitely old enough to understand that things cost money, that we have a job to get money, and that not everyone has what we have. Brian and I have talked endlessly about the lessons we want to teach our children and now it's time to put those lessons into practice. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do yet. We have a local toy drive, so I could take the boys to pick out some toys and have them go with us to drop them off. Does anyone else have anything they do with their kids this time of year to give to others?


Erin said...

Well, Finn really isn't aware of things yet, but Kale and I since college of adopted an angel - usually through the Salvation Army or now through my work. This year we adopted a family - I'm hoping to start this tradition each year so that the kids have the fun of picking presents out for others and giving food, etc.

Also, we have adopted a little boy through Compassion International who has the same birthday as Finn, and I am sure we will do the same for Grey. It's $32 a month and you get letters from them and have to write to them so it's kind of neat. Obviously, this is a year-round thing.

Ashley said...

McCall, we have always adpoted a local family by calling the school and asking who would need help. All year my parents and us too save our change in a jar, cash it in and use that money to buy the family that we adopted toys and things they may need.

I usually call Hart's Bluff and ask for Nena Garrett, she always knows of families that have needs at Christmas. We have done this same tradition since my kids were little and it has taught them to not only give but have compassion for others. She is a great contact and is so willing to help others. We love her!

Good luck,

The McKaughan's said...

Wyatt is just now starting to understand about "those less fortunate", but for several years now; Trace & I always go through his toys & clothes several weeks before Christmas and we trash all the broken (McDonalds toys, etc...) and we box up several practically NEW toys and take them to Good Will. We have also stopped buying so many "things" each year and try to focus more on Family Time & the most important thing of all...JESUS!!!

McCall McGuire Dyke said...

Erin...we too, sponser a child thru Compassion ; a boy Hudson's age. We pray for him and talk about him but I'm not quite sure H really gets it yet. Hopefully, doing something locally, as well, will help. Thanks for the ideas.

Mitzi said...

I went through Addy's toys yesterday and I am looking for someone to give them to. All her toys are like new and some are baby toys. If any ideas please let me know.

McCall McGuire Dyke said...

I talked to someone in the Outreach community here in town and she said to take USED toys to Safe-T Public Store past Guaranty Bank on the left and NEW Toys to Titus County Cares in St. Andrew Church across from MP High School. Hope that helps.

Mr. S and Ms. J said...

I found an amazing book, about this...Treasuring God in our Traditions. I encourage you to get it. I am giving it as gifts to family. You could always go live overseas for a couple of years...maybe in South Asia. :)It has an amazing effect on your children and their walk with the Lord.