Friday, December 5, 2008

Parties, So Far...

Birthday party at Preschool Ms. Rachel and Hudson's class singing Happy B-day

Homemade cupcakes from Mer

Personalized ornaments from Sunny

My cuddlebug and his Sunny

Cuz Hailey, Drew and Hudson

Cuz Bretley and Drew

We've had two parties since my last post and we have two more to go! As you can tell, December is a crazy month for us...but it's so much fun. I thought having both the boys in December would make things more stressful but actually it gets our whole family in the festive mood. We Christmas shop earlier and put the tree and lights up earlier so we get to anticipate Christmas Day even more. I LOVE the Holidays.

Tuesday night, we went to Mer's for the Boys' joint Birthday party (Drew was born on the 20th & will be 3 yrs old) and Wednesday night we went to Paula's for the Dec. cousins' birthday party. Our niece, Hailey turned 17 on the 3rd. The boy's got Legos, two huge tractors with trailers, and a Hot Wheels City set. They have played none stop since Wed. nite and refuse to take a bath, eat or go to preschool b/c they just want to play. I think maybe I'll just take all their Christmas presents back since they seem pretty happy! We're off to ride the Polar Express in Palestine tonight and the boys' "Friend Party" is tomorrow morning. I"ll have lots to share next blog! Have a great weekend!

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Erin said...

They are so cute - you are making me look forward to having 2 boys close together!