Monday, February 9, 2009

ANOTHER B-day party & a yellow light

Can you find Hudson? Class clown!
"Helping" the birthday girl

Sweaty, girls do this too?

2nd favorite part of the party (playing is 1st)

Hudson had another birthday party again this weekend & it was at the very same location. What else can a winter baby do but have indoor parties? And of course there's not Chuck E Cheez within 60 miles. Hudson informed me this weekend that he wanted to have his birthday party at this same place every year "until I am 20." I told him he will be in college when he's 20 and he said..."well, then until I'm 18." So funny! I have a feeling he'll change his mind, don't you.
O, and Drew was not left completely out of all the fun...he and Daddy drove by this huge exotic animal farm outside Mt. P and saw the zebras, kangaroos, etc while Hud was at his party.
The boys had a great weekend playing outside in shorts and T-shirts. They jumped on the trampoline, played on the dirtpile and swung on the swings until their little hearts' content. Makes me excited for Spring to come. I love bare footed little boys (I wonder if it's b/c they track in less dirt when the don't have on shoes)!
On to the "yellow light" part. Hudson goes to a Preschool and they do all kinds of worksheets to get them ready for "Big school" next year. Every Friday, the teacher sends home a sheet that she colors, yellow or red. It tells the parents how your child did in four areas that week. Well, up until the last two Fridays, Hudson has gotten all green lights. Not sure what his deal is. His teacher said he's not doing his work to best of his ability and then scribbling all over it. She's been giving his sheets back to him to redo and he's had to skip snack once and centers once. I figured that punishment would do the trick...he LOVES centers. A phrase from the 1/2 page letter she sent home said "Hudson is a very smart boy but is developing bad habits that need to be addressed now." Not sure what to think. See, he's in the Kindergarten class with 1/2 the kids actually kindergarten age and the other half are his age. So, what I"m saying is... he's doing all this a year early (meaning reading, writing & math). I don't know if I should cut him slack b/c his maturity is that of a 5 yr old not 6 yr old & I'M the one that allowed him to be put in a class a year ahead of his age. this a discipline/obeying issue and he should follow instructions no matter what? What do you teachers out there think? Is this a big deal?

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