Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday party & Flooding, YIPPEE

Birthday Boy, opening what we gave him
Drew, looking very old
Hudson and friend Lucas

Like the warehouse background? Hey, this is small town fun, ok?

The washing machine...piece of junk
Next door neighbor's dog liking the water

My low-key weekend turned into a stressful/comical weekend.

Saturday morning we took the boys to a birthday party at the same place we had there's, last month. The boys ran and ran and jumped and jumped. They Luv those blow-up houses and slides. The birthday boy has been Hudson's best bud since he started going to preschool 2 1/2 yrs ago. They will be going to the same elementary school also. Of course, at this age, little brother gets to go too. Eventually, it won't be proper etiquette, I suppose. For now, they do everything as a duo. They had a great time.
Here's where the "flooding" part comes in:
While the boys were down for a nap, I decided to do some laundry. Brian was already at work (it's tax season, you know) so I thought I'd put a load in and sit and read for a while. After reading for a few minutes, I decided I wanted a pen to underline in this great book ("Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper) and when I went to the kitchen to get one, I saw water in the hall and utility room. OMG, the washer never shut off filling up with water and it was like an inch deep. What's the first thing I do...after turning the washer off???? Of Brian. He came rushing home. The only that was on my mind was...get water out of house now! So...I ran and grabbed a huge outside broom and begin sweeping water out the back door into the garage. We got the washer outside and did a couple test runs....everything worked perfectly. So, we put it back in the utility room, ran one load just fine. I thought everything was ok, so I ran another load and walked off. Hudson came running thru the house yelling "Mama, water everywhere!" Are you kidding me...So, we spend our peaceful Saturday afternoon cleaning up water TWICE. Oh, I only thought to take a pic "after" we had already cleaned up the utility room, so y'all got a pic of the water in the garage instead.

At least we had some fun....we went to a friends' house to watch the game and eat party food. I hardly saw the kids last night...they love playing with someone else's toys. Despite the flooding catastrophe, weekends are the best!!

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The Zipser Family said...

That is so frustrating, at least you made the best of it! The boys are soooo cute (just like their mom)