Monday, February 23, 2009

Pics from Sunny's house

These shapes are called "Colorforms" and can stick on windows, etc..they love 'em
Can you tell who's who?? I couldn't, 1st time I saw this pic!

Hudson and Drew...always being silly

Still no camera. Not sure if I should just bite the bullet and go ahead and buy another one. I hate not having a camera with me at all times!! I know you girls know what I mean! Here are a few pics from the boys' visit to Sunny and Papa's Saturday night while B and I went to a Sunday School party. We'll be busy this week practicing T-Ball with the Hud. He has try-outs on Sunday and we have a lot of work to do!! No, I'm not going to be that crazy mom that totally gets into the games and yells at the refs, etc! Ok, so I don't think I will...this is my first child, you know!!

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The Zipser Family said...

they look so much alike, both precious! your mom looks great, whats her secret