Friday, February 20, 2009

Missing posts!!

Sorry, no new post about V-day festivities. I took some cute pics of the boys with their "BAGS" of Valentine candy. They were soooo excited when I picked them up from preschool. We also sent the boys a balloon with a Valentine puppy dog to school. I asked Hudson who gave it to him and he said "Brooke!" That is a little girl in his class! So least somebody is getting the credit!!

It was a beautiful weekend and we made our rounds to all the grandparents' houses. We also took the boys to the T-ball field on Sunday with their cousins and played a mock baseball game. We just signed H up for his first year of T-ball. We haven't really worked with him that much so we figured it was time to have a little training before the first day of practice! Ohhhhhh, did Daddy and Pawpaw(Randy) jump all over that opportunity. They were so cute showing him how to swing "properly" and throw overhand. Hudson wanted to wear his glove on his right and we kept telling why he couldn't. After trying to throw with his glove on...he quickly realized why he can't wear the glove on the right hand. should listen to mom & dad in the first place! Not my little do-it-yourselfer!!

Once I find my camera, I'll upload pics from last weekend. Have a great weekend!

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