Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day with Mommy

Trying to "picnic" at the park
Party got moved to McD's

Hud's fav dog from down the street

Freezing, but still wanting to play on dirtpile

Eating yummy Truffle from Sweet Shop USA

Drew, mad b/c he had to eat food before truffle

Ending a great day with Dr. Seuss

WELL...that is the LAST time I ask you guys for decorative advice!!! Absolutely no one had any ideas of what to do to spiff up my bathroom. Well fine, I'll just have to use my own creativity; which is not all that great!!

Anyway, I skipped work yesterday and the boys and I had a fantastic day. We played in tractors most of the morning and I actually got them to help me pick up their closets! YEAH, my kids are old enough to do something constructive!!! We met some friends at the park for a picnic...well, that was dumb...it was freezing. The boys were so excited to go on our first real picnic. I packed sandwiches, goldfish and a Valentine fruit roll-up. That adventure didn't last long and we promptly moved to our trusty standby...McDonald's. They had a great time running wild and getting rid of all that energy they build up while being indoor for so long. Then we went to the new Chocolate Factory in town, Sweet Shop USA. It was delicious and they even had a huge dispenser of Jelly Belly's!!! Oh my, I HAD to have some Sour Jelly Beans.

We didn't get home until 2PM so I played "nice mom" and let them skip a nap. Of course, I knew it would benefit me in the end, b/c they were both in bed by 8PM!!!! Yeah!! What a fabulous day with my two favorite boys!


The McKaughan's said...

I was thinking a huge cross on the bare wall and smaller scattered, but I didn't want to be the first to comment...I know...real good reason...NOT!!! Anyway, I'd love to see the finished project. Glad to see you had a good Mommy Day! I LOVE those kind of days!! Take care!

The Alexanders said...

Hey I know a place where you can get those crosses, www.AbundantCrosses.com. hehehehe! Maybe some flowers in the baskets along with hand towels? Zachary enjoyed playing with everyone that day. I enjoyed getting out of the house.

Shelley said...

Good chance you have no idea who I am, but I grew up in MP also and remember you. We share many friends. Your boys are beautiful & I've enjoyed visiting your thoughts. I felt a bit creepy looking at your blog w/out you knowing so...Hi!

Shelley (shepard)

if you do remember & would like an invite to my site (i'm internet shy)