Friday, January 16, 2009

Decor Help!

I know that most of you have your houses decorated to a "T" so I thought I would ask for some help with my bathroom. Even though we've been in this house several years, I have not put the finishing touches on all the accessories, etc that make a house feel like a home. I've always blamed it on the kids being too little and the fact that they would pull everything off/down. Well, now that they are 5 & 3, I guess there's no more excuses. Please help me decide how to make my bathroom feel complete and cozy! I'll post pics of the vanity area next time. So....come on...don't be shy...let me have those great ideas!! Oh, and I need some ideas of what to put in that metal thing to the right of the bath. Feel free to send links to actual items or you can email them to me. Thanks a bunch.


Ashley said...

I'm really bad at bathrooms! I've been thinking and thinking and... I've got nothin'.... Im sorry! Do you want it to be kid friendly or are you going for the "adult" look?

Catherine Chaumont said...

I'm a little late on posting since my internet was down for over a week but I'll throw out some ideas. Do you need a towel rack b/c that would look good on the opposite wall with some pretty, colorful, fluffy towels. If you don't need a towel rack there, look for a nice piece of art or have a blown up picture of the kids framed and matted. (B&W is always neat and you could buy a simple frame with a white mat) You need a curtain, valance or something on the window. I think a box pleat valance or something similar would look really good. As far as the decorative piece, you could always put some bath salts in glass jars and have those peeking out. I would probably put some greenery, grass or something similar in one of the containers. You could even roll up hand towels and wash cloths and have those in one of the containers. You need different textures. Stuff the bottoms with tissue paper so you don't have to put as much filler in it. Put a candlestick and some pretty lotions, soaps or something on the bathtub. Where's the vanity area?

Catherine Chaumont said...

Check out It might give you some inspiration. We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom so I've been looking at tons of bathrooms!